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SRI VENKATESWARA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is a unit of Sri Balaji Educational and Charitable Public Trust in 2008. Approved by National council for Teacher Education, Bangalore and is affiliated to Pondicherry University, Puducherry.
NCTE Ref. No.: F.SRO/NCTE/B.Ed./2007-2008/14088 dt: 05.11.2007
Affiliation Order No.: PU/AS-I/Aca-1/SRIVCEd/2008-09/174 dt: 24.09.2008


"Professional success depends mainly on updating professional knowledge with uncompromising devotion and dedication along with efficiency. Teaching has been considered as noble profession and the society is indebted immensely to the teachers for the responsibility that they carry for shaping the destiny of the nation by educating the younger generation. Teachers should have high academic and professional competencies to measure up to the expectations of the society.
Teacher education is said to be a very significant investment for bringing qualitative improvement in education. If a revolution in education has to be initiated, then teacher education is the starting point.
The Quotation “If you educate a boy you educate one individual. If you educate a girl you educate a whole family, and if you educate a teacher you educate the whole community” assumes a greater relevance.
Sri Venkateswara College of Education has the essential ingredients required to stay on the cutting edge of new and sound teacher education programme. Technical knowledge and skills the absolute need for teaching profession for the student teachers through our programme.
I am proud to be associated with this organization for the past three years and I thank the management, staff, and students for what we have been accomplishing together and wish them success in their future endeavours.


1. The College attaches utmost importance to the maintenance of DISCIPLINE. As per Dr.R.K.Raghavan Committee Directions, constituted by the Supreme Court of India, that any student involved in ragging of any sort will be dismissed from the college immediately in addition to facing action by the law enforcing authorities. An undertaking to this effect is to be signed by both students and parents. Students expelled on grounds of indiscipline will not be entitled to any refund of any fees or deposit.
2. A minimum of 90% attendance is required in all classes individually. Those who fail to adhere to this will not be permitted to take the University Examinations. Unauthorized absence is liable for fine and punishment. Students must be punctual for each lecture class and laboratory sessions.
3. Attendance for the college tests is compulsory and leave or absence from the tests will not be permitted.
4. Students should maintain good academic progress and good conduct, which are essential requisites for appearing for the University Examinations.
5. All students shall be divided into groups and each group is attached to a member of the faculty who will act as a student’s advisor / counselor for guiding and directing him / her in academic and personal development to obtain academic excellence, professional competence and good conduct and character.
6. Leave: The students can avail themselves of any leave only with prior sanction from the Dean / Principal. When leave is availed for unforeseen reasons, the applications must be made soon after returning from leave, to the Dean / Principal.
7. The management expects Discipline and cooperation from the students in order to obtain good results. Students are expected to use only courteous and polite language and behave with decorum within campus.
8. Even when outside the college campus, the students are expected to conduct themselves with decorum and decency, so as not to tarnish the good reputation of the college.
9. Every student must obey the rules and regulations of the institutions to preserve the property of the institution and discharge his / her duties as a student with diligence, fidelity and honour.
10. All outstation students must stay compulsorily in the hostel and are not allowed to stay elsewhere.
11. All local students must come to the college only in the college bus. No private student vehicle is allowed inside the premises.
12. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited inside the campus.


SVCE is situated in the entrance of Karaikal offering both B.Ed and D.T.Ed course. SVCE is situated in the unitary building with well established infra-structure facilities as per the guidelines given by the National Council for Teacher Education.

Karaikal town is 130 Km from Puducherry and 18 Km from Nagapattinam. It is well connected by Rail and Road. The nearest Railway Station is Karaikal.


SVCE has excellent infrastructure to cater to the needs of Both B.Ed and D.T.Ed students cum future Gurus. Class rooms are well ventilated and spacious with the essential paraphernalia required for modern methodologies on teaching. Conference halls are sophisticatedly furnished providing all facilities for all sorts of educational events. Our enthusiastic, experienced, well organized and supportive team of teachers are proficient in their respective fields.